3 Ways To Keep Anxiety and Stress In Check (They Really Work!)

As many of you are aware I live with anxiety and panic attacks stemming from a traumatic event. I am also a mother to an incredibly smart, curious  and independent four year old daughter (who has the spirit of a teenager!) which can at times be stressful in and of itself. Plus there is general life stuff happening. As we all know adulting can be, at times, stressful all on its own.

When I feel myself getting overwhelmed with daily living or feel my panic/anxiety starting to spiral out of my control. I try to reset my mind by doing one of the following three things. (And sometimes I do all three!)


BULLET JOURNALING :  I just discovered Bullet Journaling a few months ago and let me tell you that this has been a game changer for me. What is bullet journaling you ask? “The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.” (from the site bulletjournal.com/)  However, it is so much more than that for me.

The Bullet  Journal gives me the opportunity to plan out my days/week/months exactly as I see fit. It is tailored to me because I create it and can change it to fit my needs.  This is what drew me in to the bullet journal world. Plus you can have “collections” which are lists of things you want to do or accomplish which is soothing to me when my mind feels like it is in overdrive. I can just write it all down and then come up with bite size plans or goals to accomplish the things I want to do without feeling like my anxiety and stress are about to leave me in a puddle of my own tears.

There is no wrong or right way to create a bullet journal and I love that about the system. It helps me track and keep track of things such as:

1. Moods

2. Habits

3. Books To Read

The list could go on and on but it really is all up to you and that is why Bullet Journaling works so well for me in reducing my anxiety about things because I can plan it out and track it and see where I am going with a particular goal or challenge.  You can check out more Bullet Journaling ideas and tips over on my Pinterest board :


EXCERCISE:  Anyone who knows me knows that gym class was my least favorite period in school.  I am not athletic. I am awkward and clumsy in a way that makes people want to reach for the video camera and record my athletic failures for an eternity of laughter and finger-pointing.  But I digress…I have found over the last few years that excercise does in fact reduce my anxiety and bring my stress down to more manageable levels.  Now I am not saying to go out and train like an Olympian (although if that is your thing than you go for it!).  No, I am saying just do anything that gets you moving and that you actually like to do.


After my attack, I was pretty numb. I didn’t do much of anything.  Then I had a baby and motherhood enveloped me. Not a whole lot of “me” time then.  However, when the crash of emotions hit of what had happened to me and then my attacker had jumped parole and the ongoing trial that followed , well that is when I went into just complete and utter overdrive to the point where I shut down completely.

Now , however I see how it important it is to not stay stuck but to get moving when I feel all the pain and anxiety winding up inside me.  I am not numbing out. I feel my feelings, I acknowledge them and then I get to dealing with them. Excercise is one way that helps. I walk and walk and walk and walk.  I will never be an Olympian but I can walk  around my neighborhood and that raises my heart rate and gets my endorphins going which then alleviates my anxiety and stress. After a nice walk I feel better.  Which is not just good for me but it is good for everyone around me.




Finally the third thing I do when anxiety and stress raise their ugly heads is I read. READING is so important for my mental health. I am not talking about spending endless time scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest . No I am talking about getting an actual book and sitting somewhere and reading a chapter or two.  This is less about reading the latest bestseller but rather the time you spend actually reading.  The beauty of how this alleviates stress and anxiety is in the permission you give yourself to actually take some time for yourself.

I like to make this a ritual of sorts.  I get the book i want to read or am currently reading and I make some tea. Then I get my blanket and get all cozy on the couch. I tell my daughter it is “quiet time” and my daughter will usually follow suit with her own book and blankie. Then I read and sip tea for an hour.

I can not explain in words how absolutely rejuvenating this time is for me. It lifts my spirit and makes me feel calmer and more at ease. Reading is one of my favorite ways to unwind and let the stress of the day fall away.

Anxiety and stress are part of everyone’s lives but I know for me that sometimes my anxiety and panic take center stage so it is important to have actionable steps I can take to get me off the ledge.I know there are so many ways to reduce anxiety and stress but these are just my Top 3 and I hope to share other ways in upcoming posts. But until then  I hope that these three ideas will help others make their anxieties and stresses more manageable.

Till next time!





Coco Chanel once said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” And in a way I feel like that is what I am doing these days. I cut my hair again…shorter than it has been in a long time. But I like it ! I feel renewed in the sense that I know I am embarking on a new chapter in my life.

I have been in a sort of reflective mood since my birthday passed in July, and although most of the time I don’t give a whole lot of thought to my age. I’m really not an “Omygosh I turned 42 and am sooooo old!What am I gonna do!!!??” kinda gal. However, I will tell you that this year there was a bit of an “Ohhhhh….” moment. Now let me be clear in that the “Ohhhhh” moment wasn’t fear or trepidation nor was it regret or nostalgia for my youth but rather it was a quiet sort of knowing that yes, yes I am in fact in the second half of my life. Due to this realization that I am firmly tucked into my 40s now means I really want to make this life count for more than waking up, working, and going to sleep.

I am not saying my life is bad. It isn’t, far from it. I have a terrific hubby and a fantastic daughter both of whom I adore. No, what I am saying is I want to make each day count. I want my time to be spent in authentic and valuable ways. Not wasted away on social media or in front of the telly. No. I want this life of mine to be filled with action. Does that mean I want to run around in some never-ending rat race? Oh hell no! That is not what I mean at all! When i say I want my life to be full of action what I am saying is I want each day to filled with a million baby steps to my ultimate goal which is a life that is HUGE. A life filled with experiences and love, laughter and joy, taking risks and finding my tribe. A life if you will that is ON THE WRIGHT PATH…

So since I want to add more oomph in my life I decided to compile a list of some small yet powerful actions I can do over the next few years to add more spunk, more pizazz, and more LIFE to my life. My hope is that the list will actually just be the jumping off point for a much bigger playing field on this journey.

I call my list THE 45 BEFORE 45. And here it is–the 45 actions or activities I will complete by my 45th birthday (they are not in any particular order I just know I will be working to complete each one as a goal):
1. Leave a note in a library book
2. complete the 50k words goal in NANWRIMO
4. run a 5k
5. run a 1/2 marathon
6. make excersise a priority each day
7. learn a new language
8. take a photo every day for a year
9. leave inspiring post it notes for strangers to find.
10. create a blog and use it to inspire others
11. look for the total solar eclipse on 8-21-17
12. read all the books I own in my house and on my Kindle
13. keep a journal of my experiences
14. buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them…wear them proudly
15. buy flowers for no reason
16. up my stay at home mom style game and take OoTD pics
17. participate in a color run
18. put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away
19. complete an entire book of crossword puzzles
20. get another tattoo
21. finish an entire ant stress coloring book
22. write a letter to my future self
23. watch the sunrise at least 1x a month
24. take more walks
25. fill eggs with paint and throw them at a canvas
26. Visit the Smithsonian
27. tie-dye tees with Lily
28. take a road trip
29. make an important decision with a coin toss
30. read the Bible in a year
31. learn self -defense
32. read 100 books in a year
33. start practicing yoga, tai chi and ballet barre more regularly
34. dance in a summer rain storm
35. no phone or tablet for a whole day
36. research my family tree
37. do a 1950s pin up photo shoot
38. go on a cruise
39. be a tourist in my own town
40. speak with a British accent for a whole day
41. Write fan letters to three people I admire
42. spend Christmas at Disney World
43. take a weekend trip by myself
44. write a mission statement for my life
45. create a memory box –fill it up with my life experiences.

So there you have it my 45 BEFORE 45 List. What do you think? What would you add to it? Let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas!!
Till next time!

Much luv!

Revamped and Recharged Here at On The Wright Path

Have you ever started something you were really excited for and then BAM! Life hits you so hard you see stars? That is how I feel the past year has been for me in my little corner of the universe. I tried twice to get back to my little place here at On the Wright Path and both times I was blindsided by circumstances beyond my control. However, this time I swear come hell or high water I will devote the time necessary to this blog and my channel on You Tube which is also called On the Wright Path https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZ_FoilkWFKl0WV4e85-oQ.

But here at the end of Summer 2016 it is time to get back into the swing of things. I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to devote time to my writing and sharing as it is part of my journey and my discoveries on this path of life. It is now that I feel I am absolutely, positively On The Wright Path! Life is a long strange journey and you know what I am really starting to dig the view from my little place here in the world. Changes are necessary to move life forward and change is the only constant in our life.

The autumn is quickly approaching and that means my little Sweetpea will be headed off to school for PreK 4. With that comes the beginning of many changes for me as a mother and as a wife but also change in the household. Routines will be different. Expectations will be changed and how we as a family unit work and communicate will also change. Autumn is always the start of a new year for me.

But I digress, what I want to do this year is focus on creating a space here on the net and in real life where women can come together to feel supported and inspired to be the best possible version of themselves they can be and I am fully going to participate in this venture as well. My ultimate goal is to inspire others and help others and let women (and men!) know its never too late to follow your dream or try something new. And that is why it is time for On the Wright Path to move from just a once in a while thing to a regular part of my life and routine each day.

What I want from On the Wright Path is for it to be a place to share our victories, our triumphs and also to share the bumps and dips in life; to explore various topics from homeschooling to knowing and finding our purpose in this world; to reviewing what is useful and not. I want to share my discoveries with you and have you share your discoveries with me. I know that together we can all travel and grow on the right path for our lives. So please, won’t you join me?

Till next time!

Merry Merry Everyone!

I am sure your house is a busy as mine at this time of year! Only two days till Christmas and while I wish I could say I have everything done and my house is filled with merriment and joy and the soft glow of perfectly placed candles on a beautiful holiday tablescape with the spiral ham and all the sides perfectly cooked and arranged.

The truth is it is not. And I am okay with that. Since we have a new member of the family “Smokey” , our tiny ten week old kitten who is more curious than a cat should be–we went minimalist on decorations this year. The hubby who hates to do the outside lights opted for the STAR SHOWER , which if you don’t know is one light that you plug in and center on your lawn and then at night it cascades your home in thousands of red and green LED lights. It looks amazing. Thankfully we have a small house so we only needed one for the front lawn but I have read reviews where people with larger houses have opted for two or three STAR SHOWERs to get the desired effect.

Inside we did garland up the banister and across the mantle. Put our sweet little Charlie Brown sized tree on a table in from to the bay window and made sure the nativity scene is on the mantle. And that is the extent of our christmas decorating. Miss Lily pie put all the decorations up on the tree herself and our little devil Smokey is doing his best to knock them all down every day.

I am looking forward to our simple Christmas this year though, just me , hubby and the princess. Its all I need and its all I want. We may not have a house decorated like the North Pole but it is a home full of love and good tidings. Now, if I could only get all the laundry done by tomorrow!

Enjoy this time with your families and friends and remember its about the love we share, and the praise we bestow upon God.

Talk soon!

Homeschool During The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year full of merriment and joy, especially if you have little ones and you get to experience the magic through their eyes. I love that Lily-Anne is now truly in the midst of being enamored by the whole spirit of Christmas. she is able to see the joy and feel the excitement as Christmas nears. It lifts my spirits because the holidays are an emotionally taxing time for me–I find them difficult. But seeing her eyes light up when visiting Christmas Village or watching the old Bass and Rankin holiday movies makes me smile.

Lily-Anne is obviously very excited and it reflects in her behavior and what she is interested in doing these days. So, in order to keep my sanity I have altered the usual structure of our school days. Right now through January we are focusing mostly on reviewing concepts and skills but with a holiday twist! She loves it and it keeps her attention and keeps her productive while actively learning! I have found a multitude of great holiday themed work for her and she is having a blast.

Also, I am not sticking to a rigid schedule. We do schoolwork for as long as she is interested right now. Somedays she is content to do a couple of hours of activities and other days we do only one or two activities and then we go to the library or bake cookies. Not holding on to the rigid schedule is saving my sanity during the holidays.

Since I was a teacher for fifteen years I was so focused on creating this rigid schedule that we had to adhere to five days a week. But as the holidays near, I realized I was struggling with the schedule and so was Lily-Anne. Then it hit me–WE DON”T NEED TO BE ON THE SCHEDULE. We can create a schedule that works for us on that particular day. Which is eye opening for me and also a saving grace. Due to my illness, somedays are much harder for me than others and forcing myself to stay on the rigid schedule was so hard and made me feel worse. Which of course, rubbed off on my girl and then we’d both be miserable.

This illness has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that I get to spend everyday with my love bug and a curse because somedays I barely have the strength to get out of bed. But because of this I had my homeschool epiphany and now i realize I do not need to be so rigid with Lily and school. She is only four–there will be more rigid schedules for her later in life. But for now, not living by the schedule works. I follow the schedule that works for us on that particular day. And we are both much happier for it!

I’m overhauling my whole plan for homeschool and will share with you my new and improved version in January. But for now homeschooling during the holidays means going with the flow and enjoying all the little moments.

Talk Soon!

Here I Am!

Believe me, when I say I did not fall off the face of the earth. I assure you I did not. I just wasn’t quite sure whether or not I wanted to actually share my life and my experiences here or not. I believe in order to write and write well one must write from a place of truth.  I was not sure if i could do that because my truth comes wrapped in so much pain and it is hard for me to talk about. But not talking about it has cut me off from the world. I am a prisoner of my own fears, anxieties, and pain.

As I write these words , I am afraid.I am very ill and that is constantly on my mind but I need to create a homespace that is comforting to me. That is where I am right now. I may be unable to leave my home but I can try to create a loving space to be in. I will be homeschooling my daughter and trying to be a better mommy and wife to my family. God is with me and HE comforts my soul in times of distress.
I hope you will come along on the journey.




Hello and welcome to my humble little home on the internet! My name is Laura-Anne and I am using this space as a place to post about life changes, the journey I am on to become more joy filled and positive, as well as some of the bigger changes I am making in my life.

A little bit about me ….I am a mommy to the most wonderful, gorgeous, caring, insightful, creative and intelligent four-year old in the world! (Although as I am her mother I may be a teeny-weeny bit biased….)  I am also the wife to my very handsome retired Marine husband who now is a highly skilled and talented Welder/Fabricator (okay , okay I admit I am terribly biased about him too!) ; he is also my rock, my support and my best friend.

Hubby and I have been married for nine years and together for ten (I can not believe how fast time flies!!) and although our relationship has certainly had its ups and downs at the end of the day we are still here, still holding hands and still saying “I love you.”

As for myself,I am a wife, and now a stay at home mom. I was a teacher for fifteen years. I enjoy good books, time with my hubby, learning something new everyday, and having one on one time with my little darling. I love to write short stories, essays and bad angst ridden poetry. I enjoy the fantastical glamor of beauty and fashion and the need to be comfy, look like a bum and binge watch Netflix. I also like to pursue more scholarly pursuits and have been known to take courses online at the local college just for the fun of it.

On the outside and even to myself for many years it seemed I was doing good. Living a full life and enjoying it. However,  I am currently ill and on disability. I had taught for 15 years and have always loved working with the wee ones but I just couldn’t get up and go anymore.  I literally was and am still unable to leave my house except in what I consider my “safe zone”. People and places outside of my home make me so anxious and edgy I have had several public panic attacks. I rarely leave my house now except when I am absolutely have to.

There are many events that led up to this new reality I live each day…I will talk about them more in depth in future posts but for now just know that it was gutwrenchingly difficult for me to even decide to do this–to create this blog. But, writing has always been cathartic for me and this may help not only me but someone else out there…and if I can help just one person–wow what joy that would bring to my heart!

Over the last few years, life has dealt me a few knockdown beatings and that is why I am here. It is time to face the past , heal the hurt and look to a brighter, more magnificent future.

My family means the world to me and it is only with their love and support have I been able to undergo this massive quest to heal the past and focus on the future. That is truly what this blog is about–finding myself and helping others along the way. After so many years of pain and heartache I feel as though I am finally on the WRIGHT path. I hope you will join me!