New Year New To Dos


If you are like most people the start of the new year brings on the flurry of anticipation of what is to come and then the time-honored tradition of making resolutions. Personally, I love the new year and all that it represents. I love the idea of a blank slate and the opportunity to do something great with the year.  But I loathe resolutions.  Every year it is the same thing…make a list of resolutions …follow through on none.


But not this year my friends! Aha! I have devised a simple yet devious way to take my wayward resolutions that never go anywhere after the third week of January and turn them into gratifying accomplishments. You may be wondering, but Laura how is that possible?

Oh it is quite simple my friends. I simply take my resolutions and turn them into goals and put them on my to do list. See, I am very action oriented when I have a visual representation in front of me.  This is why the bullet journal is such a dream planner for me.  It allows me to customize how I plan out my days, plus it allows me to utilize it for reaching my goals. Once you start filling in a habit tracker let me tell you–you will get addicted to the bullet journal!


*image courtesy of bohoberry*

That is why this year will be different because this year I do not just have a list of things I dream about doing. this year I have goals that have actionable steps to take and cross off and that in and of itself keeps me motivated.  I am implementing a plan in my bullet journal that is called 90 Day Goals.  Basically you pick one or two goals and you plan out exactly what steps you need to do to accomplish the goal. At the end of 90 days you review your progress and if you need to tweak your goal and actions to move closer to accomplishing the goal.  This is amazing to me because I NEED to see the goal and how I plan to accomplish it written out where I can review it constantly. This is instant motivation for me.


*image courtesy of sublime reflection*

Then I am taking my goal setting and accomplishing to a whole new level this year by adding in the LEVEL 10 Life Plan.  This is also a great visual representation of your life and your goals. Basically you want to living at a level 10 in all areas of your life such as family, finances, fitness, friends, career, etc and then you decide where you are currently and fill in your wheel to that number. I actually use a bar graph to fill in my Level 10 areas. Once you have decided where you are in each area of your life then you pick some goals for improvement. For instance take friends for example. Say I am at a level 3 but in six months time I would like to be at a level 6 so I need to decide what is it that I can do to enhance my friend zone. For me, it may be joining a book club to meet new people or joining in on a new class at the gym. Then if I take these steps and have enhanced my friend zone then in six months when I do my review I would fill in my graph to level 6. You do not need to work on all ten areas at the same time–I would never recommend that! The idea here is that you are constantly striving to improve different areas in your life so that you are reaching a Level 10 Life!


*image courtesy of bohoberry*

So it is my goal this year to take these ideas and turn those stagnant old resolutions on their head. This year I intend to hit my targets and get stuff done!  What about you? How are you tackling the new year and your own resolutions? Let me know!

Till next time!



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