A New Day Has Dawned




Finally our long national nightmare of this past election year has come to an end. A new President was elected whether you like him or not. Our nation made a statement. I don’t want to hear that the Russians did it or that he’s not experienced enough to do the job. Please .  We have spent eight years listening to a junior Senator from Illinois who’s biggest accomplishments prior to winning the Presidency were making a speech at the Democratic National Convention, writing a book and appearing on Oprah.

For all intents and purposes Bernie Sanders a progressive, little known Senator from Vermont should have been the Democratic nominee. He had a movement and a revolution building across our country but that did not sit well with the cronies in the DNC and as leaked emails revealed the DNC felt it was Mrs. Clinton’s time and for that the Sanders campaign and movement was run aground. There has been much talk that had the upper echelon at the DNC had not pushed so hard for Clinton and had let Sanders  continue to campaign he would have gone on to win the Democratic nomination and thus it would be  he who would now be in the Oval Office.


Mrs. Clinton was a phenomenally flawed candidate. She did not inspire me. she did not raise my hopes or ignite my passions for a better tomorrow.  In an effort to be transparent here I will tell you that I furiously, vigorously and wholeheartedly campaigned and voted twice for her husband Former President Clinton. But Hilary inspired none of that vigor in me. She did not speak to me or my issues. She was not the candidate the country wanted or needed. No one seemed to want another four years of Obama and his policies which is essentially what Mrs. Clinton represented.  This election cycle was about change and Ms. Clinton was not about change–she was about the entrenched establishment  of which she was certainly an entrenched member and the same old same old of the past eight years.


So when faced with the possibility of Mrs. Clinton -a not too terribly well liked Democratic candidate  and Donald J. Trump-a Republican Candidate that was brash, over bearing, in your face and most definitely not a politician, a third party candidate named Gary Johnson who did not know what Alleppo was or the issue that it represented and yet another third-party candidate so far off the public radar most people couldn’t even tell you who Jill Stein was well..what you get isn’t as some media outlets will lead you to believe that it was a massive “white backlash” who voted for Trump and got him elected…noooo what you get is disinterested voters who do not show up to excercise their right to vote at all.


So here we stand with a new President.  So go ahead and march if you need to –it is a great right to do so here in our country. Many places in this world you would be shot down with tear gas and explosives just for assembling.  Remember the price that has been and is continued to be paid for your right to protest, to march,  and to dissent has been given to you by the blood of the millions of men and women who fight and die for our country and our freedoms everyday.  Respect the American soldier. Respect the foundation upon which this great nation was forged.



But do not tell me that listening to a deranged  aging pop star talk about “blowing up the White House” is useful or that hearing the insane rambling of another low-grade actress going off about how the new President has “wet dreams” about his daughter is useful or helpful to the cause of raising women up.  It only drags you into the mud and dirt and grime.  Stand up and be heard but for God’s sake be coherent, be intelligent, and above all be educated on exactly what it is you are out there protesting.

America is a bastion of light and hope and opportunity. It is up to us to keep her great and as an example of how a truly right and just Republic works and works successfully.  A new day has dawned and now we must do the work to make sure our nation continues to be a place of hope for all who seek shelter on her shores. I for one am ever hopeful that the American people will stand together, let the divide between us close, and forge a nation we can be proud to call home.

Because at the end of the day no matter your race, your religion, your birthplace , or  your skin color WE ARE ALL AMERICANS united together in this great land.


Till next time!



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