Listen to Your Instincts (God is Telling You Something)

We had a bit of a whirlwind of emotions amidst a chaotic crisis here in Wrightland the last two weeks. That was quite a mouthful huh??

So, Mr. Wright had been working for a fairly large corporate entity in our area for the past few years.  From the day he started we both knew something was off with the company and its corporate culture.  They claimed to be a Christian company that valued ethics and integrity and honesty yet there was a TON of political infighting, power jostling and just a very hostile working environment. However, the pay was good, overtime was promised, and quite frankly we needed the money.  It was a third shift job and we were in a bit of a financial blackhole so if Mr. Wright could be home during the day we could stop sending the Little Wright to daycare and try to catch up on some bills.  At the time it seemed to be the best plan.


But you know when you have that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right?  Well we both had that feeling several times over the past few years.  We should have listened to it but we kept plugging along and pushed any of those nagging feelings to the side.  First thing that should have been a red flag to us was Mr. Wright’s orientation day when the HR person got in Mr. Wright’s face about not being there at 9 am on the dot. Literally he was there at 9:02 because he had to fight traffic in the middle of rush hour and he was not the only one who was walking into the conference room two minutes late.

Second red flag was the company’s use of a behavioral point system.  If they called out sick it was two points against them. If they were late it was two points against them.  If they had to leave because they got sick it was points against them.  Accumulate 16 points and personnel would fire you.  Only 1 point would come off every quarter or so for “good behavior”.  This bothered me because this promotes a culture in which the higher-ups are not subject to such a points system but the workers in the technical trades are and that promotes a hostile working environment.  So, Mr. Wright was always hyper aware of the points system and if he needed to call out due to illness or heavens forbid I was sick or the Little Wright was sick and he needed to stay home.  It was a ridiculous system in my opinion.


Third red flag was the constant promise making but no follow through. Mr. Wright was told that he would be the next one in his department to request to move to day shift when a position opened.  A position opened on day shift  almost a year ago, Mr. Wright put in his request to move to day shift. We were excited. Night shift just was not working for our family. I was now ill battling my own illness and the Little Wright was not in school yet. Mr. Wright had to sleep all day which made it very difficult for a three-year old to play and I was out of my mind with fear and anxiety in the evenings home alone.  It was getting too much for our little family.

Day shift work would be a welcome reprieve from the stress of keeping Little Wright quiet enough for Daddy to sleep and also from never getting to spend anytime with Mr. Wright because he was either sleeping or working all the time.  However, this never happened.  Mr. Wright was told that the HR department first had to find someone for Mr. Wright to train in order for him to go to day shift.  This took months.   Then they couldn’t move Mr. Wright to day shift because the kid they did hire had a DUI hearing and they were waiting to see if he received jail time.  REALLY??? So Mr. Wright kept working nights.  The kid’s DUI hearing came to pass and he did not get jail time.  Mr. Wright again went to his supervisors requesting the day position and was told now he had to wait until they found a second person to help the kid at night.  Another waiting game ensued.


To make a long story short, there were several more incidents that made us have doubts but Mr. Wright wanted to stick it out. This company kept promising him they would do right by him and Mr. Wright wanted to believe them because there was an opportunity to relocate to another state and work in a new plant.  So we kept brushing all these doubts and incidents away thinking it would get better. We could have a fresh start somewhere new. The job would be better once he was on day shift. Once they hired a second person all would be well. Non of it happened. In fact it got worse.  Mr.Wright was unceremoniously laid off from his job at this corporation two weeks ago. No thank you for his hard work or acknowledgement of all the times he worked 14-15 nights straight with no help. Nothing. Just crickets.


I tell you this story because it occurred to me the other day as I was thinking about how everything played out over the last few years.  This job took an immense toll on Mr. Wright and our family.  The last six months have been quite horrible, honestly.  It caused me physical pain to watch my husband go through so much stress, broken promises, and back stabbing and  all the while he kept trying to be the bigger man and stick it out in this thankless job.  Mr. Wright  was doing what he thought was right for our little family.  But in the end we realized sticking it out may have been the worst thing he could have done.


See, as I look over the past few years I can now see clearly that all those nagging doubts, all those broken promises, all that stress and one  horrible incident  and situation after the other, was actually God trying to make us see that this wasn’t where Mr. Wright was supposed to be  at this time. A relocation to another state with this horrid company was not the right decision.

I think after God had been trying to nudge us in the right direction since day one and we were not listening until HE finally let the hammer drop to wake us up.

Without the job we no longer could make -what we see clearly now -would have been a disastrous decision in moving out-of-state to continue to work at a company that was not a good fit for Mr. Wright or our family.  God had to hit us really hard to make us see that revelation.  But, I also learned that when it is NOT  God’s will it will NEVER be easy. You will just keep hitting Your head against the wall.  God is in control. We need to remember that.


When you let God be the one in control things are easier.  Mr. Wright lost his job. It was terrible timing. We have a mortgage payment due, catholic school tuition, and other bills due. I was scared and Mr. Wright was scared but we let go and let God be in control.

Mr. Wright had an interview for a new job a day later and was hired the same afternoon. It is a day shift job with a lot less stress in a smaller company that is not a hostile corporate environment.

So yes, when you let GOD BE IN CONTROL  and it is HIS WILL  things will be okay.  They may not always be the way you think you want them but God will always provide. And when it is His Will it is always okay, it will never be so hard and unsurmountable.  Lesson learned.


Till next time!






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