Revamped and Recharged Here at On The Wright Path

Have you ever started something you were really excited for and then BAM! Life hits you so hard you see stars? That is how I feel the past year has been for me in my little corner of the universe. I tried twice to get back to my little place here at On the Wright Path and both times I was blindsided by circumstances beyond my control. However, this time I swear come hell or high water I will devote the time necessary to this blog and my channel on You Tube which is also called On the Wright Path

But here at the end of Summer 2016 it is time to get back into the swing of things. I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to devote time to my writing and sharing as it is part of my journey and my discoveries on this path of life. It is now that I feel I am absolutely, positively On The Wright Path! Life is a long strange journey and you know what I am really starting to dig the view from my little place here in the world. Changes are necessary to move life forward and change is the only constant in our life.

The autumn is quickly approaching and that means my little Sweetpea will be headed off to school for PreK 4. With that comes the beginning of many changes for me as a mother and as a wife but also change in the household. Routines will be different. Expectations will be changed and how we as a family unit work and communicate will also change. Autumn is always the start of a new year for me.

But I digress, what I want to do this year is focus on creating a space here on the net and in real life where women can come together to feel supported and inspired to be the best possible version of themselves they can be and I am fully going to participate in this venture as well. My ultimate goal is to inspire others and help others and let women (and men!) know its never too late to follow your dream or try something new. And that is why it is time for On the Wright Path to move from just a once in a while thing to a regular part of my life and routine each day.

What I want from On the Wright Path is for it to be a place to share our victories, our triumphs and also to share the bumps and dips in life; to explore various topics from homeschooling to knowing and finding our purpose in this world; to reviewing what is useful and not. I want to share my discoveries with you and have you share your discoveries with me. I know that together we can all travel and grow on the right path for our lives. So please, won’t you join me?

Till next time!


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