Merry Merry Everyone!

I am sure your house is a busy as mine at this time of year! Only two days till Christmas and while I wish I could say I have everything done and my house is filled with merriment and joy and the soft glow of perfectly placed candles on a beautiful holiday tablescape with the spiral ham and all the sides perfectly cooked and arranged.

The truth is it is not. And I am okay with that. Since we have a new member of the family “Smokey” , our tiny ten week old kitten who is more curious than a cat should be–we went minimalist on decorations this year. The hubby who hates to do the outside lights opted for the STAR SHOWER , which if you don’t know is one light that you plug in and center on your lawn and then at night it cascades your home in thousands of red and green LED lights. It looks amazing. Thankfully we have a small house so we only needed one for the front lawn but I have read reviews where people with larger houses have opted for two or three STAR SHOWERs to get the desired effect.

Inside we did garland up the banister and across the mantle. Put our sweet little Charlie Brown sized tree on a table in from to the bay window and made sure the nativity scene is on the mantle. And that is the extent of our christmas decorating. Miss Lily pie put all the decorations up on the tree herself and our little devil Smokey is doing his best to knock them all down every day.

I am looking forward to our simple Christmas this year though, just me , hubby and the princess. Its all I need and its all I want. We may not have a house decorated like the North Pole but it is a home full of love and good tidings. Now, if I could only get all the laundry done by tomorrow!

Enjoy this time with your families and friends and remember its about the love we share, and the praise we bestow upon God.

Talk soon!


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