Homeschool During The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year full of merriment and joy, especially if you have little ones and you get to experience the magic through their eyes. I love that Lily-Anne is now truly in the midst of being enamored by the whole spirit of Christmas. she is able to see the joy and feel the excitement as Christmas nears. It lifts my spirits because the holidays are an emotionally taxing time for me–I find them difficult. But seeing her eyes light up when visiting Christmas Village or watching the old Bass and Rankin holiday movies makes me smile.

Lily-Anne is obviously very excited and it reflects in her behavior and what she is interested in doing these days. So, in order to keep my sanity I have altered the usual structure of our school days. Right now through January we are focusing mostly on reviewing concepts and skills but with a holiday twist! She loves it and it keeps her attention and keeps her productive while actively learning! I have found a multitude of great holiday themed work for her and she is having a blast.

Also, I am not sticking to a rigid schedule. We do schoolwork for as long as she is interested right now. Somedays she is content to do a couple of hours of activities and other days we do only one or two activities and then we go to the library or bake cookies. Not holding on to the rigid schedule is saving my sanity during the holidays.

Since I was a teacher for fifteen years I was so focused on creating this rigid schedule that we had to adhere to five days a week. But as the holidays near, I realized I was struggling with the schedule and so was Lily-Anne. Then it hit me–WE DON”T NEED TO BE ON THE SCHEDULE. We can create a schedule that works for us on that particular day. Which is eye opening for me and also a saving grace. Due to my illness, somedays are much harder for me than others and forcing myself to stay on the rigid schedule was so hard and made me feel worse. Which of course, rubbed off on my girl and then we’d both be miserable.

This illness has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that I get to spend everyday with my love bug and a curse because somedays I barely have the strength to get out of bed. But because of this I had my homeschool epiphany and now i realize I do not need to be so rigid with Lily and school. She is only four–there will be more rigid schedules for her later in life. But for now, not living by the schedule works. I follow the schedule that works for us on that particular day. And we are both much happier for it!

I’m overhauling my whole plan for homeschool and will share with you my new and improved version in January. But for now homeschooling during the holidays means going with the flow and enjoying all the little moments.

Talk Soon!


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