Hello and welcome to my humble little home on the internet! My name is Laura-Anne and I am using this space as a place to post about life changes, the journey I am on to become more joy filled and positive, as well as some of the bigger changes I am making in my life.

A little bit about me ….I am a mommy to the most wonderful, gorgeous, caring, insightful, creative and intelligent four-year old in the world! (Although as I am her mother I may be a teeny-weeny bit biased….)  I am also the wife to my very handsome retired Marine husband who now is a highly skilled and talented Welder/Fabricator (okay , okay I admit I am terribly biased about him too!) ; he is also my rock, my support and my best friend.

Hubby and I have been married for nine years and together for ten (I can not believe how fast time flies!!) and although our relationship has certainly had its ups and downs at the end of the day we are still here, still holding hands and still saying “I love you.”

As for myself,I am a wife, and now a stay at home mom. I was a teacher for fifteen years. I enjoy good books, time with my hubby, learning something new everyday, and having one on one time with my little darling. I love to write short stories, essays and bad angst ridden poetry. I enjoy the fantastical glamor of beauty and fashion and the need to be comfy, look like a bum and binge watch Netflix. I also like to pursue more scholarly pursuits and have been known to take courses online at the local college just for the fun of it.

On the outside and even to myself for many years it seemed I was doing good. Living a full life and enjoying it. However,  I am currently ill and on disability. I had taught for 15 years and have always loved working with the wee ones but I just couldn’t get up and go anymore.  I literally was and am still unable to leave my house except in what I consider my “safe zone”. People and places outside of my home make me so anxious and edgy I have had several public panic attacks. I rarely leave my house now except when I am absolutely have to.

There are many events that led up to this new reality I live each day…I will talk about them more in depth in future posts but for now just know that it was gutwrenchingly difficult for me to even decide to do this–to create this blog. But, writing has always been cathartic for me and this may help not only me but someone else out there…and if I can help just one person–wow what joy that would bring to my heart!

Over the last few years, life has dealt me a few knockdown beatings and that is why I am here. It is time to face the past , heal the hurt and look to a brighter, more magnificent future.

My family means the world to me and it is only with their love and support have I been able to undergo this massive quest to heal the past and focus on the future. That is truly what this blog is about–finding myself and helping others along the way. After so many years of pain and heartache I feel as though I am finally on the WRIGHT path. I hope you will join me!



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